One spray away from a healthy harvest.

We help farmers and home gardeners eliminate and control pests and get rid of mold and mildew, yielding clean, hearty crops and plants.

Our experience spans from backyard gardening to farming one of the largest Hydro-Organic tomato farms in Oklahoma.

Throughout the years we’ve experimented with all kinds of products in an attempt to grow and produce the heartiest, healthiest plants and crops possible. 

As farmers we’ve always adhered to the highest standards of farming regulations, which has us constantly searching for the best, most efficient ways to irrigate, fertilize, and harvest our plants and crops. When we learned about the safe, non-hazardous, highly effective solution that comprises all Gardener’s Touch products, we looked no further.

Our products are all USDA Organic Listed

meaning they do everything you want and need them to do while also being the safest choice for the environment, plants, pets and people.

Our products also save you time and money due to their versatility. Rather than using multiple products and processes to keep plants healthy and equipment clean, our products do it all. 




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